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The origins of washer toss, a game most commonly seen at backyard get-togethers or tailgate parties, are clouded in mystery.  Some believe that the roots of this simple, fun game can be found in ancient civilizations, others think that its ancestry can be traced to the travel breaks of early American pioneers who used spare washers from their wagon wheels.  The most common theory is that the game began with 20th Century Texas oil workers who assuaged boredom by tossing washers from oil derricks.  (Courtesy of Dicks Sporting Goods.)

You don’t have to take apart your method of transportation or explore oil wells to find equipment to play washer toss today, but there are some things you do need.

Washers and targets!

Basic System for Scoring Washer Toss:

  • Washer in the cup or hole = 3 points
  • Washer in the box or on the board = 1 point
  • First player to 21 wins

Once all six washers are tossed the points from the round are added together.  The team with the most points in the round receives total of the difference between their score and their opponents score.  For instance if the person throwing the red washers scored 7 points and the person throwing the blue washers scored 9 points in a round, the person throwing the blue washers would receive 2 points for that round adding those points to their total for previous rounds.

Washer toss is a great game for any event!