2021 Ashland-Greenwood Prom Open Air Photo Booth

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Ashland Greenwood Prom Photobooth

After a year delay due to the coronavirus pandemic we will finally have the chance tonight to again deliver fun, smiles, laughter, and love to the Ashland-Greenwood Prom/After-Prom party.

Tonight’s event will be held at the Ashland Golf Club in Ashland, Nebraska.  We can’t wait to see what the venue looks like after all the work done by the parents to decorate it to fit the Throwback to the 1980’s theme.

The photo booth will be open from 7pm – 11pm tonight as the images are being captured the gallery below will fill up with individual images, photo strips, and animated GIFs made from each photo booth session.

If you’d like more information adding a photo booth to your elementary, middle school, or high school event go to our School Events page.

Click here to go to online photo gallery!