Capturing and preserving life's moments.

Youth Portraits

Photographing children, especially in candid moments, is one of our favorite things to do at Shane Kiesner Photography.  Whether in a candid moment or posed individually or with their siblings our goal is to capture the spirit and personality of your child.


I hear parents say it all the time, “my kids are growing up so fast”.  Well we can’t stop time, but we can capture a moment in time, with our Youth Portrait sessions, that you can cherish forever.


In addition to portraits we also enjoy capturing your child participating in their favorite sport or extracurricular activity.  From action photos to team photos to posed photos of your child in their uniform or event outfit we can capture the excitement and joy in their moments on the field, court, pitch, course, stage, or dance floor.


Check out some of our work in the galleries below and if you’d like to discuss how we can capture and preserve the life moments, personality and memory of your child(ren) contact us at 515-446-9054 or for a consultation or to schedule a session.


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