Champagne Walls – Just for Weddings? We don’t think so!

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Champagne Walls are one of the leading searches connecting people to the Smiling Dog Entertainment website and we know why – because Champagne walls are a versatile, functional, and stunning decor piece for events ranging from Weddings to Birthday Parties to Fundraising Events.

While there are many different styles and designs of Champagne Walls ours are boxwood hedge Champagne Walls.

With so much interest in Champagne Walls we thought we’d share some of the different types of events they can be used at and the different ways they can be used at these events.  And not all of our ideas require champagne!

Who would have thought of using a Champagne Wall as a seating chart?

Best Events for a Champagne Wall

1. Weddings
2. Milestone Birthday Celebrations
3. Anniversary Celebrations
4. Retirement Party
4. Fundraising Events
5. Bridal Showers
6. Baby Showers
7. Employee Appreciation Events
8. Customer Appreciation Events
9. New Year’s Eve Parties
10. Holiday Parties
11.  Class Reunions
12.  College Graduation Parties

Best Uses for a Champagne Wall

We found this great blog post from Creative Ambiance Events, in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, with some fun and unique ways to use a Champagne Wall for your wedding – we are particularly fond of Number One – 7 Ways to Use a Champagne Wall at Your Wedding (

Milestone Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations or Retirement Party
Similar to the uses for a Wedding, a Champagne Wall can be a great way to ensure everyone is prepared for the special toast recognizing the guest or guests of honor for reaching their milestone birthday or anniversary or on their retirement.

The Champagne Wall could also be used as a dessert or candy bar with champagne flutes or other stemmed glassware filled with special desserts (yogurt parfait, candy, cupcake/cake in a cup, etc.)

Fundraising Events
Black Tie or not, who wouldn’t enjoy being greeted at your fundraising event with a nice glass of champagne.  Attach a bid number to the glass with directions on the back on where to go to register their bid number for your live auction.  Use the bids numbers in a drawing for a special prize.

Did you see the suggestion in the wedding blog we linked to about using the champagne wall as a seating chart?

Bridal Showers and Baby Showers
Orange Juice
Sparkling Cider
Games – Attach an Advice for Mommy or Advice for the Bride Card to each Champagne Glass for the Guests to fill out and give to the Mom or Bride-to-be with their best advice.

Employee and Customer Appreciation Events
Show your appreciation for your employees or  your customers with a complimentary glass of champagne ready for them when they arrive at the party.

Hosting your party during work hours – use the champagne glasses for sparkling cider instead of champagne, serve a unique dessert, or fill the glass full of candy or fruit.

Use with a Donut Board and serve orange juice for a morning employee appreciation treat.

Tie a hand written personalized note to each employee and attach it (and a gift card?) to the glass thanking them for their hard work and contributions to the team.

Put a number on the bottom of each glass and use the numbers for prize drawings or other giveaways or have the customer turn their glass in at a designated location to find out what special offer their number has earned them.

New Year’s Eve and Holiday Parties
Midnight Toast
Holiday Specialty Cocktails
Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Hot Chocolate
Fill with Candy Canes or Other Holiday Candy Treats
Milk and Cookies! They’re not just for Santa you know!

Champagne Wall Enhancements

On it’s own, our Boxwood Hedge Wall Champagne Walls make a statement at any event, but we can do even more to elevate and enhance your Champagne Wall with the addition of:

1.  Silk Floral Arrangements from our Sister Company Occasions and Stems
2.  Themed decor such as Whiskey Barrels, Hay Bales, Pumpkins, Plants, Candles, Vintage Cocktail Cart, and more
3.  Neon or Other Signage
4.  Balloon Decor

No matter the event or the theme, we can help you deliver more fun, smiles, laughter, and love to it with one of both of our beautiful boxwood hedge wall Champagne Walls.

To book one (75 glasses) or both (150 glasses) of our 4’x8′ Champagne Walls for your next event go to Champagne Wall(s) – Smiling Dog Entertainment or contact us at or 515-446-9054.  Our Champagne Walls can be rented with our without plastic or glass champagne flutes.