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At Smiling Dog Entertainment we offer a variety of unique photo (booth) experiences delivering fun, smiles, laughter, and love to any occasion or event.

We provide Photo (Booth) Experiences throughout all of Iowa and into northern Missouri, eastern Nebraska, western Illinois, souther Minnesota and Wisconsin, and southeastern South Dakota.

In order to help you decide which one or our Photo (Booth) Experiences is perfect for your event we thought we’d give you a little more information on each of the experiences we offer.

1.  Traditional Open Air Photo Booth

Our Traditional Open Air Photo Booth Experiences feature guests standing in front of one of our 40+ Standard 8’x8’ backdrop options to have their photos taken.

Open Air Photo Booth Experiences can be digital only (guests receive their photos electronically),print only (every guest in the photo receives a copy of the customized printed photo strip) or a combination of print and digital (most common).

Traditional Open Air Photo Booth Experiences allow for large numbers of guests to be included in any photo and include more backdrop options than any other photo booth experience.

2.  360 Degree Video Experience

360 Photo Booth, Des Moines 360 Booth, Des Moines 360 Photo Booth, Iowa 360 Photo Booth, Iowa 360 Booth

With a 360 Degree Video Experience guests stand on a platform while the camera, attached to a rotating arm, circles around them for 20 seconds or so capturing their actions.

The more active guests are – dancing, blowing kisses, shooting the money gun, blowing bubbles, tossing confetti, waving, flipping their hair, flashing a piece sign, kissing their partner, and whatever else they decide to do, the more fun their video will be.

As the video is being captured a pre-determined set of effects, such as fast motion, slow motion, zoom in, zoom out, color, black and white, and more are applied to the video, along with a soundtrack to create a unique 15-20 second video that guests send to themselves via email.

We offer both a Standard and a Premium 360 Degree Video Experience.

3.  SADIE – the Glamper Photo Booth

SADIE is a smartly styled, playful, 1968 Shasta Airflyte Camper that was gutted to the studs and rebuilt specifically to be a Photo Booth.

Complete with vintage, playful décor (or themed décor for your event) both inside and out, SADIE offers photo opportunities both inside and out.

4.  Premium Open Air Photo Booth

A step above our Traditional Open Air Photo Booth, our Premium Open Air Photo Booth includes guest options for Premium Backdrops, such as our Boxwood Hedge Wall, White Floral Wall, or White Barn Wood Wall (and others); Vintage or Unique Couches, Love Sets, and other Furnishings for Guests to sit on for their photos; and options for Neon Signs and Silk Floral Décor to enhance the overall look of the set design.

5.  Enclosed Photo Booth

Our original Photo Booth and still popular with many clients is the Enclosed Photo Booth.  Guests enter the booth through a white curtain “door” and sit for their photos.

The Enclosed Photo Booth is perfect for more intimate and close-up photos holding a maximum of six people.

The Enclosed Photo Booth has a more classic Photo Booth look and feel.

6.  Family Easter, Mother’s Day, and Christmas Photos

Who doesn’t love a good family photo?

From Churches to Festivals to Country Clubs we offer opportunities for fabulous family photos at Easter and Christmas and on Mother’s Day.

The backdrop for these photos can be simple – like a stained-glass window in a Church, or elaborate, like a full-blown Pictures with Santa or Christmas Family Photo “set”.

7.  The Grand Entrance Guest Book Experience

What a way to remember your special day!

The Grand Entrance Guest Book Experience includes:

  • Two Hours of Photos on the Red-Carpet in front of a Custom Backdrop
  • Customizable Red-Carpet Square or Polaroid Style Printed Photos
  • Premium Custom Guest Book complete with copies of each Red-Carpet Photo along with hand-written notes from family and friends
  • Printed Red-Carpet Photo for each guest
  • Post-event gallery of all Red-Carpet photos provided to Guest(s) of Honor
  • Retro Audio Guest Book for guests to leave audio messages for the Guest(s) of Honor

8. Digital Drop Off Photo Booth Experience

Simple, yet stunning.  That describes the Digital Drop Off Photo Booth Experience a guest driven experience delivering digital images to the user via email or text messaging.

We use Digital SLR cameras and professional photo lighting in our Digital Drop Off Photo Booths todeliver professional quality, well-lit photos.

We drop off and setup the booth, show you how to use it, and leave it for you and your guests to take and send as many fun and amazing photos as you’d like.

9.  Green Screen Open Air Photo Booth Experience

 When your event has a theme and you want to fully immerse your guests in that theme, a Green Screen Open Air Photo Booth is the way to go.

We offer two different Green Screen photo booth experiences, one using a traditional chroma-key green backdrop and the other using AI technology to remove and replace any backdrop.

With the Green Screen Open Air Photo Booth we work with you to design up to 4 different digital backdrop images guests can choose from for the background of their photos.

Guests choose their background option, have their photo taken in front of the green screen or other backdrop, and our software solution removes them from the physical backdrop, in front of which they had their photo taken, and places them in front of (on top of) the digital background they selected.

With Green Screen technology we can shoot a picture in front of a green backdrop in Des Moines, Iowa and produce a picture making it look like the guest is standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or a beautiful outdoor wedding at a Vineyard in Napa Valley.

We used Green Screen photo technology to shoot images of guests in front of a digital Step and Repeat Banner at a 2023 Grand View University Homecoming event.

10. Glam Photo Booth Experience

A high-end, black and white glamorous photo booth experience.

Black and white photos taken against a white backdrop with professional cameras and lighting and software that massages the output just enough to deliver a final photo free of flaws making every guest look a celebrity.

Perfect for Black Tie Weddings, Galas, and Celebrations.

11.  Six Station Selfie Tour

This unique photo booth experience consists of six uniquely themed “stations” five of which allow guests to capture a selfie (or group photo) on their own phone or iPad and one final station where guests photos will be captured using one of our photo booth kiosks.

Each guest in the photo at the sixth and final station will receive a printed copy of that photo on a custom designed 4”x6” postcard size photo “strip”.

Guests can text the images from the other five stations to a provided phone number to have the images uploaded to a live online gallery, from which they can be downloaded, shared to social media, or emailed/texted.

We offer a wide variety of themed stations from which to choose for your six stations and can even design an entire custom experience to match the theme of your event.


12. Photo Mosaic Wall – Digital or Physical

Mosaic – decoration of a surface with small, variously colored pieces of material, called tesserae.

Various materials can be used for tesserae, but stone, glass, and ceramic are the most common.

In this case, small individual photos will be used as the tesserae.

Live event photos, captured in the photo booth and captured from Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), on-site photographer’s cameras, and more are used to create digital and physical mosaics in real-time.

Up close you see the individual photos, but step back to see the mosaic (big picture) revealed.

With a physical mosaic individual photos are printed as stickers which guests can place on the mosaic board by matching the coordinates on the photo to the location on the board.

For a digital mosaic, the images is projected on a large-screen TV or presented online.  Photos transition into place on the mosaic in real-time with stunning 3-D effects.

The client is presented with the final physical or digital mosaic at the end of the event.

13. AI Photo Booth Experience

 An AI Photo Booth is a transformative experience turning a traditional photo into something truly fun, unique, and captivating.

With an AI Photo Booth, guests are given options for the style of photo (cartoon character, historical figure, retro, vintage, and more), the background for the photo, and even how realistic they want their own face to look in the photo.

An AI Photo Booth Experience allows users to create their own universe and to produce photos of themselves as a member of that universe.

AI Photo Booth Experiences are limited only by the imagination of the users.

14. Headshots and Headshot Studios

 People like to know who they are dealing with when making purchases or significant life decisions and with more and more business being conducted online it is now more important than ever to have a quality headshot for your social media or online presence.

As the old saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

A good headshot photo will convey to your clients an initial sense of your personality.  How do you want to come across to your potential clients?  Trustworthy? Eclectic? Serious? Funny? Conservative? Innovative? Artistic?

We are available to do individual headshot sessions.  Headshots for your entire office.  Or headshot studios for your next networking event, conference, or other professional gathering.

Within each of these types of photo (booth) experiences there are many variations and different features that impact the specific experience we can provide.

For instance we can create and deliver, at the end of your event, a Memory Album with a copy of every printed photo strip from each photo booth session along with handwritten notes from family and friends to remember your special day or celebration.

We can design and build custom sets for your Pictures with Santa, Family Easter Photos, or Wedding Photo Booth Experience complete with vintage furniture, premium backdrop options and custom props.

Use the links above to learn more about some of the specific photo (booth) experiences offered by Smiling Dog Entertainment and if you’d like to learn more about any specific type of experience please feel free to give us a call at 515-446-9054 or email us at