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I was talking with Sean Morrisey, the owner of our DJ Partner Ultimate Entertainment Iowa one day about how their DJ’s plan wedding reception music to keep the dance floor full.  During the course of our conversation Sean said something that I’d never thought of before – a wedding reception is like two family reunions – one for each couple’s family, alongside a reunion of friends.

This is so true!

And if you pay attention during the reception you’ll see these groups or members of these groups spending time together catching up with one another about all that’s happened and going on in their lives since the last time they were together, whether it’s been a year or twenty years since they last saw one another.

The time spent with family and friends, catching up on the present, sharing stories of the past, and celebrating the union of two family members or friends is the essence of what a wedding reception is all about.

Old memories are shared while new memories are made.

And many of these new memories are made in the photo booth.

Photos of the newlyweds, grandpa and grandma with colorful boas and hats, the entire bridal party with heart shaped sunglasses, kids wearing every hat in the prop collection stacked one on top of another, a mother and her young son together – while the son isn’t embarrassed to be seen with her, all of the cousins together for the first time in years.

These are the moments you’ll remember years after your reception.

Smiling Dog Entertainment is happy to capture and share these poignant, polished, and playful photos with you as a reminder of your Best Day Ever!

With a variety of exceptional wedding reception photo experiences, each with their own unique set of features, we have one that is perfect for capturing and preserving the moments you’ll remember for a lifetime.

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We can’t wait to capture and preserve the memories made at your reception!