Wedding Boom for 2022! Book your Photo Booth, Wedding Decor, and Party Games NOW!

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Luxurious Wedding Photo Booth

According to an August 1, 2021 article on Yahoo! there will be an estimated 2.5 million weddings in 2022, which is the most weddings in the U.S. since 1984!

What does that mean for you, the newly engaged?

It means that if you haven’t already done so you better start the planning for your 2022 wedding NOW and Smiling Dog Entertainment is here to help!

Venues and vendors are booking up fast as the pent up demand from covid cancellations and new engagements are combining to drive the number of weddings up almost 25% over pre-pandemic numbers.

At Smiling Dog Entertainment we already have more photo booth,  wedding decor, and party game rentals on the books for 2022 than we’ve ever had for any upcoming year at this point in any current year.

We’ve positioned ourselves to handle this increased demand by acquiring additional equipment, adding new products and services, and hiring and training more incredible staff to ensure we can deliver more fun, smiles, laughter, and love to your wedding and any other event throughout the region.

Once you book with us you can be certain we will deliver the products and services you ordered!

We are also working on completing our website redesign, which should be completed by mid-November, to make it even easier for you to get more information on all of our products and services and to book those products and services online.

Click on the links above to check out our extensive selection of photo booth, wedding decor, and party game options for your special day!

Once you’ve reviewed all of our options, schedule a no-obligation consultation call to tell us about your reception and learn how Smiling Dog Entertainment can deliver fun, smiles, laughter, and love to your special day!

Let’s get the photo booth, wedding decor and equipment, and party game rentals booked NOW for your 2022 wedding so you don’t have to worry about missing out on all the fun.

As the mother of the bride at one of our recent wedding reception photo booth rentals said, “I didn’t understand why they wanted to have a photo booth at their reception, but I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had using your booth all night!”

Smiling Dog Entertainment, delivering fun, smiles, laughter, and love to wedding receptions across Iowa, and into eastern Nebraska, western Illinois, northern Missouri, southern Minnesota and Wisconsin and southeastern South Dakota since 2016.