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Value (verb)

Consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of

Susan and I had the pleasure recently of meeting with Laura, a potential client, to discuss her interests in booking Smiling Dog Entertainment and Occasions and Stems to provide a photo booth experience and décor design and delivery services for her upcoming wedding and reception.

During the course of our conversations with Laura she mentioned she’d met us at the recent Des Moines Wedding Show and was impressed with our photo booth setup and more importantly with the attention she and her family received from Andy, one of our amazing staff, who was working in our booth during the show.

Andy asked Laura how many copies of the printed photo strip she and her family would like from their photo booth session. Laura hesitated and asked if 2 or 3 would be alright. Andy quickly counted heads and replied, “six it is’ as he simultaneously hit the button on the screen to print six prints.

Laura was impressed both by the fact that we’d provide a print for each person in the photo and at how quickly the six photo strips printed. She mentioned to us that she has a copy of the photo strip posted at her job and her fiancé has a copy of the photo strip posted at his job.

Laura compared her experience with Andy and our photo booth to a subsequent experience she had with another photo booth company at a subsequent bridal show a couple weeks later.

The other photo booth company, according to Laura, had a printer that didn’t work, and when it finally did work, it took forever to print her photo strips. When she did receive her printed photo strips, she noticed that the photos were out of focus. And the only thing this photo booth company seemed interested in was getting her to book right then and there – offering $150 off their rate to do so.

High School After Prom Photo Booth

As we further discussed the photo booth for Laura’s wedding I asked her if she had an idea of which package she was interested in booking for her reception. Laura asked me to share the differences in packages with her, which I did.

As I was describing our Sophisticated Experience Wedding Photo Booth Package, which includes a printed copy of the photo strip for each person in the photo, a live online gallery from which guests can download, share, and send copies of their photo strip and session photos, a memory album with copies of each photo strip and handwritten notes from family and friends, and our handheld roaming photo booth for candid guest photos Laura said, “yes, that’s the one I want!”

As we discussed each of the features of this package Laura shared her excitement over what each feature would deliver for her and her fiancé and their guests. She was especially excited about receiving printed copies of the photo strips as she mentioned she had too many photos on her phone and not enough printed photos.

We then moved on to discussing décor for the ceremony and the reception. We listened as Laura shared her vision for what she wanted and didn’t want. We asked questions to clarify and get further information and Susan offered up some initial décor ideas that she thought matched Laura’s vision. Laura was excited about Susan’s initial thoughts on the décor, just as she was excited about the photo booth features.

We discussed the décor ideas and then Susan asked Laura if she had a budget in mind that she was hoping to stay within for our services.

Laura shared that she’d told her fiancé that the photo booth was going to be about $1,000 and when he’d questioned that amount she shared with him all of the benefits of our photo booth service including – something for the kids to do during the reception (and they’re anticipating a lot of kids), printed photo strips instead of digital only photo delivery, a copy of the printed photo strip for each person in the photo, use of the memory album as their guest book, digital copies of the photo strip and images available to guests to post and share, copies of all the individual photos sent to them for download after the event, and the candid photos captured with the handheld roaming photo booth.

To Laura, these features, along with the experience she had with our team in our booth at the Des Moines Wedding Show, are worth the $1,000 she’ll pay for the Sophisticated Experience Wedding Photo Booth Package for her 2-hour reception.

Laura values the same things we value in delivering our exceptional photo booth experiences to all our clients – a fun, quality experience delivered by caring professionals willing to customize the experience to meet the client’s vision.

Laura then shared that she didn’t have a specific budget in mind for the décor design and setup, but that she wanted to “shoot for the moon” and see where we landed.

Laura’s requests for the décor design and delivery were – to not have to do any of the decorating herself and to have the reception venue transformed into a beautiful wonderland.

Susan and her team at Occasions and Stems understand where Laura is coming from in her desire to have someone else decorate the hall for her reception. A couple should spend their wedding day reveling in the joy of the day, the preparation for their special moment, and the company of family and friends there to celebrate with them. It’s clear that Laura and her fiancé value being present in the moment and the company of their family and friends.

I walked away from our meeting with Laura knowing what she values in her wedding ceremony and reception and fully confident that our two companies and team members can provide the type of value and experiences that she, her family, and friends will talk about for years to come.

We are extremely fortunate to have many team members like Andy, who go out of their way to deliver fun, smiles, laughter, love, and elegance to all our clients and their guests whenever and wherever we interact with them.

Our amazing team members are a big part of the value we bring to all our clients and events!

No matter your definition of value we have an exceptional photo booth package or décor design and delivery package available to add value to your next event.

To learn more about how we can add value to your event, like we are for Laura’s wedding and reception:

Contact Susan, at Occasions and Stems, at 515-635-5526 or

Contact Shane, at Smiling Dog Entertainment, at 515-446-9054 or