Celebrate Your Child’s Graduation with a Graduation Yard Card Display!

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Custom Graduation Yard Card Display

Want the whole world, or at least everyone that drives through your neighborhood, to know how proud you are of your son or daughter for earning their high school diploma or college degree?

At Smiling Dog Entertainment we can help with our Graduation Celebration and Graduation Celebration Extraordinaire Yard Card Displays!

Starting at just $74.99 for a one-day display, our Graduation Celebration Yard Cards will brighten up your lawn and are sure to catch the attention of everyone driving by your house.

The Graduation Celebration display includes a combination of signs recognizing your student’s accomplishments and congratulating them on their achievement.

Want to make an even bigger impression?  Book the Graduation Celebration Extraordinaire and we’ll add two – 5 balloon bundles to the sign.  Balloon colors can even be customized to match the school colors of many local high schools!

Book your display today and fill your yard with fun, smiles, laughter, love and recognition for your son or daughter’s accomplishments.

For more information on the Graduation Celebration and Graduation Celebration Extraordinaire Yard Card Displays click the links above or visit our Signs of Celebration page.